Odoo for Verte

Company Name: VERTE
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Website: https://verte.com.bd/
Industry: Restaurant, Food and Beverage
Company Size: 10-15
Apps Implemented: Purchase, Manufacturing, Inventory, Accounting, and Sales, and Invoicing.
Implementation Time: 2 Months
Hosting Type: Odoo Online
Implemented by: DigiCore System

“Time and efficiency are precious, especially for an expanding business like VERTE. Odoo made it easy to deal with new things while still having the capacity to manage other parts of the business.”

Jaffry Chowdhury, Restaurant Manager of VERTE

In the bustling culinary landscape of Bangladesh, VERTE emerged as a beacon of balanced and wholesome dining. With a vision to provide not just meals, but a healthier lifestyle, Sadia Mustari Karim, a seasoned globetrotter and avid food connoisseur, promises an unforgettable epicurean experience. Verte stands as Dhaka’s latest culinary gem, inviting patrons on a dynamic voyage through a vibrant tapestry of flavors, blending diverse influences from Asian traditions, health-conscious offerings, and globally-inspired gourmet creations.

A gastronomic sanctuary nestled amidst the vibrant heartbeat of the city, where three extraordinary food brands converge to create a harmonious symphony of flavors. Our dedicated team of culinary artisans and mixologists weave their magic, ensuring that every visit is an unforgettable journey into the depths of gastronomic ecstasy. Verte is the first restaurant to have been launched fully under Sadia’s direct supervision. During the last 2 years, she has been deeply involved with studying fine-dining and the culinary arts industry – a subject very close to her heart. She added “What I wanted to create was a wild and free-spirited culinary experience where guests would be blown away by a whirlwind of fragrance and flavors.”

Operational Challenges

We were looking for a solution that would streamline all purchase, production, inventory management, and billing processes,” shared Jaffry Chowdhury, the Restaurant Manager of VERTE.

Initially, the company focused on sales to customers only, but encountered new challenges as its production levels increased. The need to consolidate inventory, exercise precise control over production, and enhance billing processes became crucial to the maintaining of operational efficiency and quality of service.

Automation from POS to Billing

Before implementing Odoo, restaurant managers had to navigate a complex landscape of POS transactions, entering data through multiple entry points, resulting in inefficiencies. With Odoo’s integration and tailor-made modules, all cash register point of sale data now converges smoothly into Odoo Accounting. This provides restaurant managers with real-time insights into sales and revenue. The new overview helps improve customer satisfaction, optimize inventory levels, and effectively plan orders.

One aspect, particularly emphasized by VERTE, is the ease and effectiveness of billing with Odoo. Once notes and delivery orders are generated, a simple click triggers the billing process automatically, streamlining a crucial aspect of the business cycle.

Truly, at VERTE, we describe Odoo as the ultimate,” added Jaffry Chowdhury, highlighting the satisfaction and success they have experienced since choosing Odoo as their comprehensive ERP system.

In summation, VERTE’s experience is a compelling testament to how the implementation of an ERP system, like Odoo, can transform and enhance the growth of a company, providing effective solutions and streamlining processes to meet the evolving challenges of the contemporary business world.

Purchases, Manufacturing, and Inventory Management

Managing a restaurant is more than just processing orders. It involves sourcing ingredients, ensuring quality, manufacturing and managing inventories. Given the magnitude of operations at VERTE, these processes often became cumbersome. Odoo’s integrated system played a pivotal role here. The purchase of ingredients, whether from local or renowned vendors, was streamlined. RFQs were more organized, and the two-step approval process ensured no purchase was impulsive. On the inventory front, items were correctly categorized as perishable or non-perishable, ensuring proper storage conditions


In the world of gastronomy, while the taste reigns supreme, the operations behind the scenes are what make or break a restaurant chain. For VERTE, Odoo was more than just a software solution. It was the bridge that connected their operational gaps, creating a symphony of efficiency, accuracy, and growth. As they continue to serve delightful dishes to their patrons in Bangladesh, they do so powered by a robust backend, all thanks to Odoo.