Document scanner offers a collection of invaluable image capturing and processing functions
for various document types that optimize readability and minimize reprocessing.
Avision offers high-speed document scanners are for personal or business users looking to increase their efficiency while on a limited budget. Our Auto Document Feeders (ADF) hold 25-100 pages at a time while providing a maximum scanning speed of 10-50 pages per minute. For more information
Superior versatility and performance. Canon’s range of user friendly solutions includes both color and grayscale scanning needs. Designed to meet a broad range of user needs plus other productivity-boosting capabilities. Great choice for every office needs. For more information on canon scanners.
Canon DR-C225II
Canon DR-C240
Canon DR-M260
Canon DR-G2110
Canon DR-2140
The innovative wide format scanner WideTEK 36-42-48 for documents up to 36-42-48 inches wide (1220 mm) and 12 square meters per minute is setting new standards in performance and quality.The cutting edge camera technology, consisting of a dust-protected, hermetically sealed camera box holding four CCD systems, delivers an optical resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi. For more information
WideTEK 36CL
WideTEK 42
WideTEK 48